Custom Software Development

Tailored Web Solutions that Empower Your Business

We develop customized web applications according to your needs. Benefit from fast development processes, personal contacts and secure & scalable apps.

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Custom Web Development

Individual web development doesn’t just mean developing applications from scratch. We also ensure that you can continue to make optimum use of existing systems.

Software redevelopment

From scratch

Turning Your Vision into a Reality: Web Application Design, Development, and Delivery

Software modernization


We upgrade existing apps to the latest technologies. Not only does it work much better straight away, it is also future-proof.

Software replacement


We build the app and replace the existing software. Clean transition included.

Why Choose Custom Web Development for Your Company


Optimize your processes, achieve results faster and secure your competitive advantage.


Simplify your work processes, save valuable time and work more efficiently.


Start with a small product idea, take off later and increase your market share.

Our services for custom software development

Holistic web applications require holistic solutions. Take a look at how we at builtbright ensure that your individual web application gets exactly what it needs.

Application interfaces for clear and user-friendly experiences

Your applications must be designed in such a way that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. This is the only way they can complete their tasks more efficiently and easily.


Coupled with a clear and consistent design, your app will not only be a modern and timeless eye-catcher, but also a user-friendly application interface. Less frustration for your users included.


We carry out UX research, create wireframes and design prototypes for all device sizes in line with your company CI.

Software wireframing Wireframing
Design Prototyping Design Prototyping
Responsive application Responsive Design

Programming of Interactive and Accessible User Interfaces

Complete tasks quickly and with just a few clicks: Frontends are the face of the web application and are used by many users every day.


That's why they need to be fast, robust and accessible on all devices at all times. Regardless of whether there is a high or low volume of users. Your apps must work equally well at all times.


We develop front ends, connect them to your APIs and host them on scalable cloud environments.

Interactive front ends Interactive Frontends
Peace sign Backend connection
Software scaling Scalable

Programming of robust and scalable application logics

High performance and reliability of your application, even with a high volume of users: A well-designed backend, whether monolith or microservices, can handle this.


Backend development is all about storing data, communicating securely with third-party providers and efficiently aggregating large amounts of data. The result is a place for all application and business logic that the user does not normally see.


We program robust backends, use caching systems such as Redis or Elastic Search if required and host the systems in a scalable cloud environment.

Caching systems Efficient caching
Software business logic Business and app logics
Software scaling Scalable

Fast data access thanks to powerful databases

The requirements for their databases are as varied as the web applications themselves. Application data must be stored reliably and securely from third parties.


However, robust and powerful database systems alone are not enough if you have to cope with particularly high user loads. That's why they need to be carefully selected and their architecture designed.


We develop needs-based database solutions according to the application. We rely on relational and NoSQL databases. We enable older (legacy) systems to communicate with each other using message brokers such as RabbitMQ.

Cross-platform data exchange via powerful APIs

How does customer data from your CRM software end up in your VoIP telephone system? Through interfaces, provided - in this case - by the CRM provider.


Not only third-party interfaces, but also your own are data providers and recipients for your web application. In most cases, they combine to ensure that you have all data and functions available in your mobile app and browser at all times.


We develop scalable interfaces (APIs) from scratch and connect them to your web application and app together with existing ones.

Connection to existing systems Connecting existing systems
Connection of front ends Connecting frontends
Connection to third-party software Connecting third-party applications

Accelerating Time to Market with Prototyping Techniques

Prototyping techniques such as MVP (minimal viable product) development can be used to achieve the fastest possible market launch of a digital product.


For optimal data analysis, an MVP is made available on iOS, Android and in the browser with only core functions.


We take over the complete development, accompany the market launch and carry out data evaluations. Once the prototype is mature and validated, we continue to expand it.

Software customer feedback Early customer feedback
Software time to market Accelerated time-to-market
Software development risks Reducing development risks

Leveraging AI to Optimize Your Business Processes

Artificial intelligence is more than just (chat)GPT: those who rely on artificial superpower benefit from reliable little helpers for existing and new software.


For example, repetitive everyday tasks or customer support can be reliably automated. This not only avoids recurring errors, but also saves you valuable time and money.


By using AI as required, we make your application more agile and innovative, even in critical business applications. By hosting the language models on EU servers, we meticulously adhere to compliance and data protection regulations.

Automate tasks Automate tasks
Automatic error detection Automatic fault detection
Software security Data protection compliant

Connect devices to your web app and benefit from real-time interactions and increased control

Connecting the coffee machine to the internet? Sounds weird, but it can be a game changer for internal team software. For example, you can check in advance whether the machine is already preheated and you can expect hot coffee when you arrive at the office.


With the Internet of Things, this is just one example of many. Benefit from data exchange between your physical devices and your web application and use this information to your advantage.


We connect your devices to the Internet securely and in compliance with data protection regulations, build interfaces for secure data exchange and implement them in your web application.

Software networking Networking devices
Software information exchange Information exchange
Software Real-time information Real-time interactions

Can We Help You?

We would be happy to advise you on our services without obligation. Together we will see how we can support you with customized software development.

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Adrian Schmid
Founder & CEO

Why work with builtbright?

Efficient project management

We counter slow project progress and lengthy processes with standardized development processes and clear communication channels. From onboarding to project acceptance and beyond.

Personal support

A personal contact person who is familiar with all aspects of your project is available at all times. Furthermore, fast response times are not a premium service, but are standard for us.

Web expertise

As a software agency specializing in web software, we can rely on many years of experience with a wide range of technologies. This allows us to create needs-based solutions, regardless of our own technological preferences.

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After taking over two existing systems, we were able to speed up further development and maintenance. We particularly like the fast and personal communication as well as the solution-oriented approach in the collaboration."
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Use cases for custom software web development

Get an impression of what web development can do. From user-friendly booking funnels and useful e-commerce apps to your own individual solution.

Industry solutions

Optimize your business processes profitably in the long term with powerful and scalable process applications.

Many potential customers lose interest in products or services due to confusing booking processes. It doesn’t matter whether they are purchasing tickets or placing B2B orders. Poorly optimized booking steps, overcrowded websites and unclear information are undesirable. We offer solutions for clear and well-thought-out booking systems that take your customers’ needs into account and improve the purchasing process. Our solutions are customizable and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Digital file management is more in demand than ever across all industries. In the healthcare sector, it’s electronic health records (EHRs), for lawyers, tax consultants and auditors it’s hand files or classic trade files for craft businesses. But did you know that file management can do so much more? Document management, automatic document entry and detailed data analysis are just a few of the key features.

Lost the overview? It can happen. With our solutions for digital contract, appointment, medication, property and agricultural management as well as project management platforms, we can counteract this in a targeted manner. Individually tailored to your situation, a wide range of functions can be combined with each other. Digital administration platforms even have the potential to make entire company processes controllable in the browser.


Make your existing online offering even more efficient with specially tailored e-commerce applications.

Lots of emails and little time for the really important things: If employees are constantly busy carrying out the same time-consuming work steps over and over again, it’s time for self-service applications. With these, your customers can help themselves easily and efficiently: whether it’s updating contact information, making rebookings or retrieving invoices and documents. With our individual self-service solutions, you can satisfy your customers faster and save money by allowing your employees to concentrate on their day-to-day business.

Expanding sales to B2B can be worthwhile. But your special conditions are customer-specific and you don’t want your B2C customers to see volume discounts? We develop secure B2B areas, only accessible to users with a retailer login.

A sales platform where others sell safely can have a positive effect on product variety, product availability and ultimately brand awareness. Not only does the marketplace fill up on its own, but a community also provides valuable UGC via forums or discussion columns.

Browser app

Turning Your Vision into a Reality: Your Custom App

There’s no such thing as impossible: Do you have an idea in mind that just needs to be put into practice? We would be happy to advise you and make your project a reality.


Proven technologies mixed with cutting edge is our first choice. But we don’t shy away from the latest tech either: do you have something you would like to use in your project? Let’s talk about it.

Logo React.js

Lean front ends

Seemless feel-good factor

We use the React.JS framework for intuitive and fast user interfaces. Your users feel comfortable in the frontend and we can better test your application automatically.

Logo Node.js

Robust APIs

Hey, Legacy Software!

Using JavaScript and TypeScript, we build robust and lightning-fast interfaces (APIs) based on Node.JS. We then connect these to your existing software and front ends.

Logo Flutter

Startups & SMEs

Fast to market maturity

We use Flutter and Firebase to build prototypes that run on iOS, Android and the web. We use prototyping for MVPs whose market readiness must be validated yesterday.

Logo PHP


The all-in-one all-rounder

We use PHP to efficiently build interfaces, front ends and web monoliths. Applications with PHP can also be operated by your in-house provider.

Let's Talk: Book Your Free Consultation Today

We would be happy to advise you on our services without obligation. Together we will see how we can support you with customized web development.

Adrian Schmid Portrait
Adrian Schmid
CEO & Founder
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