Web Development Agency

We develop software products for the web.

As a web development agency, our expertise lies in the development of holistic web applications – apps that only require a web browser and an internet connection.

We specialize in individual web applications and master the entire process of digital product development. In doing so, we rely on common software engineering practices and a sophisticated UX process.

We aim for the highest quality in every single development process. Our sustainable and solution-oriented approach enables us to get the best out of every use case.

Top-Notch Software Engineering

We use modern software engineering practices to ensure robust and durable applications.

User-centered UX development

We achieve maximum functionality with a feel-good factor through development together with your users.

Highest quality

With quality gates at every stage of product development, we meet the highest quality standards.


By integrating software into existing infrastructures, we introduce it sensibly and make it usable for years to come.

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Forward-thinking web applications

Software. Not Software.

Green hilly landscape

We stand for sustainable products and apps. This means robust, durable and expandable software, tailored to your business. Our approach is holistic & agile and the result is meaningful products that help you and your company move forward in a targeted manner.

Our vision

Digital solutions for a bright future

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The true beauty of software lies in its reliable and smooth functionality. This characteristic plays a key role, especially in times of digitalization of complex business processes. However, functionality alone is not enough; it must be used in a targeted manner to generate maximum benefit.

Our solutions are designed to create competitive advantages and increase efficiency and productivity. Throughout the development process, we support you to ensure you achieve the best results and make informed decisions for long-term success.

Our solutions go beyond software; they are your strategic asset for a successful future. Our applications are designed to best meet your needs. Our applications are built bright.

Adrian Schmid Portrait

Adrian Schmid

Founder & CEO

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